Posted by: eacadoption | 10/22/2010

EAC Storybook Is Now the New EAC StoryBLOG

Behind every successful adoption, there is an amazing story to be told.  For years, many EAC families have contributed their journeys on adoption in our EAC Storybook that speaks of their struggles, disappointment, joy, how adoption has touched their lives, and the experience of finally making a dream into a reality.

With over 7,400 adoptions completed, each one is unique and special in their own way and their stories are just as heartfelt as the next.  So, as our storybook begins to fill up to its final pages, we have decided to move our storybook from our office to you through our blog and share the many wonderful stories of those who adopted.

To read stories from some of the many of EAC families that have traveled all around the world to adopt their sons and daughters, just click Storybook listed in the drop-down menu under Categories displayed on the right. Be a part of their adoption experiences as they complete the adoption process, travel in country, meet their child at the orphanage and bring them home.

If you have an adoption story that you would like to share, please click here and submit your story.  We would love to hear about your wonderful experience.


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