Posted by: eacadoption | 11/09/2010

Help Your Children at Home Adjust to Your Adoption Travel Tip #3

Letting your child(ren) know where you’re going and why.

Communication is key when helping your child(ren) adjust to your travels. Once again we want to remind you that the best way to help your child adapt with you traveling is by providing stability and balance.  Allowing your child(ren) to know where you are going and why will help provide that foundation and help eliminates any worries or concerns that your child(ren) may have of your well being.

You never want them to be out of the loop, they are as much a part of this adoption as you are.  By keeping them up to date as where you are, where you are going, and why will help them ease into the adoption as well as remind them that they are still important to you.  Also by allowing your child(ren) be aware of your whereabouts will help avoid your child(ren) from feeling abandoned or that you are leaving them.

Stay tuned for more international adoption travel tips.  If you have advice that you would like to share yourself from your own experience with international adoption, please feel free the share them with us.  Just simply click the ‘Leave a Comment’ link below this post (you do not need to sign up for WordPress to join in on the conversation)!

If you have questions on international adoption, we can also help you address them here or you can click here to visit our web site and reach one of our consultants.


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