Posted by: eacadoption | 11/10/2010

We’re Now Opened in India!

A little over a week ago, our founder Margaret sent us some great news… We received our license in India!  And in light of November being the National Adoption Month, we are happy to announce that the new adoption program in India is now opened!  We are so excited to start placing these children into forever families.

Here is a quick overview of the new program in India:

According to the Indian Adoption Law and current practice in India, in order to adopt a healthy child . . .

  • Adopting parent(s) must be at least 30 years of age and no more than 45 years of age to adopt an infant. Adopting parent(s) can not be more than 55 years of age to adopt.
  • If willing to adopt an older child, the combined age of both parents should not exceed 90 years.
  • Parents should be married at least 5 years and have been in their relationship at least 5 years before applying to adopt.
  • Financial ability to care for a child.
  • Age difference of the adoptive parent(s) and child should be 21 years or more.

When your child is assigned (referred) to you, you will receive his/her picture and all available health information including a child study. At that time you will be asked to confirm in writing your acceptance of your child to the Indian Adoption Officials and to Families Thru International Adoption. After your written acceptance is received in India along with your dossier, the official legal work begins. If for any reason you refuse to accept your referral, the Indian Adoption Officials have the discretion of making a further assignment or refusing to do so based on their judgment.

Although you may request a specific age, there are no guarantees that you will receive the exact age requested. Indian Adoption Officials will try to honor your request, and our staff in India advocates on your behalf to the Indian Adoption Officials.


  • Applicants must have a minimum annual income of $30,000.
  • Applicants must meet U.S. Federal Poverty guidelines, all other income requirements are reviewed on a case by case basis
  • No more than 3 children in home
  • All medical exams must be arranged through orphanage


  • At least one of the adoptive parents must be a US citizen.


  • One trip is required and is approximately 10 days.
  • Escort options are available
  • One parent may travel

Time Frame (Age of child 1-4 years)

  • Approximate time frame from application through finalization of the adoption is 16 to 24 months.
  • Approximate time frames from application through finalization for a waiting child is six to nine months.

Time frame for an older child (4-5 years old is faster)

If you would like to receive more information on the new program in India, please click here.

We are always looking for loving couples who are interested in adoption, if you know someone who is looking to adopt and start a family please refer them to us, thank you.


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