Posted by: eacadoption | 11/16/2010

Help Your Children at Home Adjust to Your Adoption Travel Tip #6

Telling your child(ren) that your time away from them is temporary, you’ll be safe while away, and that you will be back.

Never forget the little things like reminding your child(ren) that you will come home and your time away is only temporary.  This will help in taking a lot of the stress and burden off their shoulders.  You certainly don’t want your child(ren) to feel that you are leaving them permanently and abandoned.  And to tell your child(ren) that you will be safe, makes them feel assured that you will return back to them.

Nobody really likes change, especially children.  These little reminders will help affirm that your travels are only for a short period and once you return things will be back to normal.  Reassurance is key to helping bring stability and security in your child(ren)’s life while you are away.

Stay tuned for our last tip on how to help your children at home adjust to your adoption travels!


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