Posted by: eacadoption | 11/17/2010

Help Your Children at Home Adjust to Your Adoption Travels Tip #7

Skyping or calling daily, just to touch base.

This is our final tip in helping your child(ren) at home adjust to your adoption travels and we saved the best for last! Of course we know that you want to keep in contact with your child(ren) back at home while your away, but we suggest that you contact them daily or even more!  Nothing helps better than to keep that communication line open when you are away.  Having your child(ren) hear your voice helps relieve any tension they may have and most definitely will provide them comfort and stability (as well as for yourself too).

Skyping is an excellent way to keep in touch with your child(ren) back at home, you can virtually do it from anywhere and video calling is free!  To learn more about Skype and its features, click here.  Or if you may not be exactly tech savvy and prefer to not use Skype, there are other options.  You can always contact your cell phone service provider and ask about rates and deals for international calls.  Sometimes international rates may be high through your cell phone service provider, if so you can always save a few dollars and get a great deal on international calling cards.  You can find them at your local drugstore, supermarket, and even at times at the dollar store.

That does it for our “Help Your Children at Home Adjust to Your Adoption Travels” Series!  Next, we will be helping you create a check list with our “Before Traveling Abroad for Your Child” Series.


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