Posted by: eacadoption | 11/19/2010

Celebrating the Holidays with Your New Adopted Child

If this will be the first time you and your new child will be celebrating the holidays together, you may want to consider these advice straight from our social worker to help your child adjust to the holiday frenzy without overwhelming them.

Before you begin making your holiday plans, remember to keep your adopted child in mind and consider some of these factors.

  • If your child has only been with your for a few months, celebrate the holidays alone and at home
  • Give your child the time to adjust and attach in the comfort of their new home
  • Explain to your friends and family that your child is not ready for a visit yet

Meeting so many people all at once can be startling to the child and terrifying.  On top of that, with so many people around you may not be able to give your child your full attention that your child may need, especially during the holidays.

Consider your child’s level of attachment and adjustment before:

  • Having overnight guests
  • Traveling/vacationing for the holidays
  • Switching routines/traveling may lead to some sleepless nights, picky mealtimes and tantrum behaviors
  • Minimize stress and over-stimulating activities
  • Opt for 1 or 2 average gifts rather than several gifts
  • Understand that changes in routines or travel at this time may trigger memories of your child’s past

If you’re uncertain or have questions about your Holiday plans, you can reach Deb at 1-800-533-0098 ext. 116.  We wish you a Happy Holiday!


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