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Collette and Rick’s Adoption Story

On Christmas day in 2006, my husband and I announced to our families our decision to adopt a baby from Russia. Little did we know, on that very day our soon to be son was born in a little village half way around the world. Needless to say, Christmas day is extra special to our family.

Compared to others, our adoption process and journey to our son, Evan was short and sweet. Our decision to adopt was made in October 2006 after attending an EAC seminar. We submitted our application in January 2007 and shortly after began working on our dossier. It was submitted in May and on August 24, 2007 we received our referral of an 8 month old baby boy. We made our first trip in October and went back for court in November. We were home with our precious baby boy on December 9, 2007. EAC was truly amazing and a pleasure to work with. We are thankful for the wonderful experience we had. Everything was organized from start to finish and the in country staff was very helpful and on top of things. We were very impressed and have recommended EAC to others on numerous occasions.

Our decision to adopt was due to infertility. As a small child, I was diagnosed with a form of kidney cancer called Wilm’s Tumor. I had surgery on my first birthday to remove my right kidney followed with aggressive chemotherapy and radiation to the abdomen for 6 months. Thankfully, since then I have lived a normal, healthy life. The thought of infertility never really occurred to me. In 2006, after the initial disappointment of finding out that I was unable to have children, I accepted that God had a different plan for us. I knew in my heart that adoption was our calling and was ready to move on with that decision. Along the way I have had people question my feelings about not being able to give birth to my own child. My answer to them is that even if I could, I would not change a thing.

Emotionally, the journey was not an easy one for me. I was never so stressed out in my life. I went from the initial excitement of adoption to having frequent anxiety attacks and a lot of sleepless nights. Knowing that things were out our hands was a very uncomfortable feeling. When EAC called with our referral we just could not believe it! At the time, we were on vacation. We were finally not thinking about “the call” and that is when it finally came. That night seemed to go on forever and then the worst part was waiting for the Fed Ex truck to come by the next day. After seeing the pictures and video of our baby I was overwhelmed with a feeling of relief. But it was not long until a whole new set of worries set in. We then worried that someone else would come for our baby or something would happen and we would lose the referral. A million thoughts ran through my mind. The thing that we feared the most was traveling to Russia and that ended up being the easiest part. We had a wonderful experience.

Between our first and second trip, my younger sister, 27 at the time was diagnosed with Leukemia. We went from being so happy and excited after meeting Evan for the first time to being completely devastated after getting this horrific news the day after we returned from Russia. It was so hard to leave the country again knowing that my little sister was so sick and not knowing what was going to happen to her. At the time I felt like it was such bad timing that we were in the middle of bringing Evan home when she was in the hospital. I felt like I should have been there with her instead. Now I look back and think that in addition to her 2 children, Evan helped her get through this and gave her something to look forward to and helped her fight. It was a blessing in disguise.

Evan has been home with us for almost 2 years. He has brought so much joy to us and we cannot imagine our lives without him. Words can not describe how happy he has made us. He is adored by all of our family and friends. It would be impossible not to love this sweet boy. He is a dream come true!!

Thank you EAC!
Collete & Rick

To share your story about your journey on adoption, please click here.

Please note that the names of the family members have been altered to protect their identity and privacy.

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