Posted by: eacadoption | 11/30/2010

Before Traveling Abroad for Your Child Tip #4

Find a pediatrician that specializes in International Adoption.

Once you have found an International Adoption Clinic near you, the next step would be is to find a the right pediatrician. Not only do you want to pick a pediatrician that you trust and feel comfortable with, but you want to pick a pediatrician that specializes and is up to date with the country that your adopted child is from.  This will help you pick the proper pediatrician that you can rely on.  Choosing the right pediatrician ensures the safety and health of your newly adopted.  Pediatricians that specialize in international adoption better understand and are more up to date with health issues that occur in different countries.

By doing so, you’re actually providing ‘insurance’ for yourself and your child,  preventing any long term health complications that could arise.


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