Posted by: eacadoption | 12/01/2010

Before Traveling Abroad for Your Child Tip #5

Contact local occupational, physical, and speech therapists and ask questions so that you can get a feel for whom you could work with should your child need their services.

We want to make the transition for your child to be as smooth and as easy as possible, and to do so it is always better to be prepared.  So before you travel to pick up your child, it is best that you seek out occupational, physical and speech therapists.  If you can find one that specializes or has experience with international adoption, that is even better.  Doing some research before you leave will save you a lot of time rather than postponing it until after you return home with your child.

Set up a time to meet with the occupational, physical, and speech therapists that are available to you and based on your meeting, pick the ones that you feel that you can trust and rely on.  Keep their contact on you so that when you do come home with your child and find yourself in need of their services, you can reach them easily.  Taking these precautionary steps will never hurt and can only help you and your child adjust easily in the long run.


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