Posted by: eacadoption | 12/02/2010

Before Traveling Abroad for Your Child Tip #6

Read some good materials on attachment.

It can be difficult for a child to immediately attach themselves to a stranger whom they have never met.  So to help you, to help your newly adopted child attach to you we strongly recommend reading materials that speak about adoption and attachment.  These books will help you be aware for the possible struggles that can arise when trying to connect with your newly adopted child but also provide steps that you can take to ease these obstacles and allow you to build a stronger relationship with your child.

Since, your travels are going to take awhile it may not be a bad idea to bring some of these reading materials on the flight to help pass time.  Although we strongly suggest that you start reading some material before you leave so that you’ll have time to adjust yourself and understand the possible struggles.

You can find these books at your local library, bookstore, or even find great deals on Amazon.


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