Posted by: eacadoption | 12/03/2010

We Are Now Opened in Serbia!

It just keeps on getting better, with new programs opened up in India and Bulgaria, we are excited to add Serbia to the group!

Read more for details on the new program…

Processes and Procedures

• Complete and submit the Application for Adoption.
• File the I-600A immigration documents, specifying a Serbian adoption, with cable sent to the U.S. Embassy in Belgrade.
• You’ll work with your personal EAC adoption consultant in obtaining contact information for a Home Study agency in your state of residence.
• Your EAC adoption consultant will assist you in completing the Registration and Dossier documents.
• Submit a completed Dossier to EAC.
• EAC will review the Dossier and submit it for Serbian translation and processing with the Serbian government.
• Time frame from submission of a completed Dossier to receiving a referral is approximately 6-9 months and varies upon adoptive request.
• Available children are older than 12 months at the
time of referral; siblings, twins and unrelated children from the same region are available. Families can adopt one infant and one toddler at the same time if the children are in the same region.
• Families travel to Serbia (often in groups) for adoption approximately 2-12 weeks after acceptance of a referral. Currently only one trip is required, both parents must travel.
(15-30 days, varies based on attachment and bonding with the child)
• The first step in Serbia is to establish the attachment and bonding plan. Much emphasis is placed on attachment in the Serbia Adoption Program.
• EAC also has an English speaking staff. You are with EAC translators and coordinators while in the country and escorted through all proceedings.
• Upon completing your adoption and returning home,
you’ll work with EAC social workers to fulfill the post-placement requirements.

Serbia Document Authentication

EAC requires that each family complete two sets of original documents and a third set as a copy. Below is the document list which is explained in the EAC Serbian Adoption Guide & Registration Packet.
The following documents must be Notarized and/or Certified & Apostilled:

1. Application for adoption
2. Passport copies and proof of citizenship
3. Birth certificates
4. Marriage certificate / license
5. If divorced, a copy of divorce decree
6. In widowed, a copy of death certificate
7. Birth certificate of biological children (if any)
8. Birth certificate of previously adopted children and current postplacement copies
9. State police clearance
10. Health condition (doctor’s testimonial)
11. Property information
12. Employment letter and personal financial statement
13. Homestudy
14. Proof that potential parents satisfy all the requirements for adoption according to the law of the state where they are residing
15. Photos

To sign up and learn more about our Serbia program, please click here or call us at 1-866-586-5656, our consultants are standing to answer any questions you may have.


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