Posted by: eacadoption | 12/07/2010

Adopted Child Making a Difference in the World

There is nothing more rewarding to us here at EAC than to see how well the children are doing with their new adopted families. From the mounds of paperwork to the many paper cuts that we receive, it is all worthwhile when we know adoption has made a positive influence on somebody’s life.

Many of our stories on our blog have been from the viewpoints of the adopted parents and how much adoption had changed their lives.  Now we would like to share with you a story from the other side’s point of view, the adopted child’s.

Meet Natalia, a smart, caring and very ambitious child.  This is her story:

We are so glad that we could help Natalia and many other children from around the world find loving families and seeing them give back to the world.  It just shows that the benefits of adoption are endless.

Thank you Natalia for these beautiful scarves and your touching letter.

If you would like to donate scarves or learn more about how you can help like Natalia, please contact us at 866-586-5656, visit us at, or email

We can change the world one child at a time.



  1. Beautiful story, thank you. What a lovely girl.

    • Thank you! We are happy to hear that you enjoyed it and blessed to see one of our own is helping the world.

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