Posted by: eacadoption | 12/08/2010

Help Your Child Adjust Before Coming Home Tip #1

We are now heading into our last series to help you prepare for your international adoption travels. In the next two weeks, you should have a full check list of what you need and what you need to do before traveling for your son or daughter. We hope that you have kept up with our last two series as these tips will surely help take off the stress and prepare you as you bring your child home for the first time. So before you leave the country, you should…

Bring pictures of yourselves, your children living at home, your pets, indoor and outdoor images of your home, their bedroom, your car, etc.

This will help prepare your adopted child to establish comfort and be accepting of their new home.  Allowing the child to know what to expect when they arrive to the US begins to build a strong foundation.  You never want to bring a child into the unknown which can be frightful to them.

Understand that the adoption is also life-changing for them, so you want to ease their transition as much as possible when they come home with you.


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