Posted by: eacadoption | 12/10/2010

Help Your Child Adjust Before Coming Home Tip #3

Leaving something at the orphanage with the child so that it will remind them of you (when you aren’t there).

Before you step foot on that airplane, take the time to think of what you would like to give your child to remind them of you for the times when you are not with them and return to your hotel.  Whether it be a stuffed animal, a picture, etc, it’s always good to leave your child something to remember you by to begin building attachment to you and adjust to the thought of you in their life.

Also keep in mind the age of the child, so you may want to bring something that is age appropriate and not a health hazard.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach our social worker, Deb, at 866-586-5656 or visit us at


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