Posted by: eacadoption | 12/15/2010

Help Your Child Adjust Before Coming Home Tip #4

Limiting the time spent with them while you’re in country to only the orphanage and the hotel.

The most important thing to help your child adjust before coming home with you is to have them become attached to you first, and to do so it is important to spend time with them.  What people tend to forget when they are traveling abroad is that when you are spending time with your child it is best to spend them alone.

When people travel overseas to pick up their child, they are more apt to feel like they are on vacation and are tempted to go sight-seeing which we understand.  However, we strongly recommend that you do any type  of sight-seeing on your own time not when you are with the child.

Many of these children have not been outside of their orphanage and have no idea what’s beyond its walls.  Therefore to take them out sight-seeing where they will be surrounded by strangers will cause over stimulation and it will digress any progress you have made to make the child more attached to you.

Although it may seem like a good idea to take your child out and go sight-seeing to help the both of you bond.  It is actually one of the most horrendous things you can do if you want to bond with your child, stated by our own social worker, Deb.  Instead of bonding, you will find that by taking your child out into public will backfire.

So to build a strong relationship with your child, we recommend that you spend time with your child at the orphanage and just at the hotel till it is time to fly back home.


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