Posted by: eacadoption | 12/21/2010

Help Your Child Adjust Before Coming By Tip #6

Asking to photograph the Orphanage Director handing your child to you.

Before you leave the country and return home to begin a new life with your child, we strongly recommend that you have someone take a photograph of the Orphanage Director handing your child to you.

This will visually help your child understand that they were not kidnapped or stolen, but that they were given to you.  With this visual aid, your child can build trust and security in you because they can see that they were placed in your care.

Moving to a new home is a huge change, especially when a child leaves behind all the securities and comfort that they had at the orphanage.  Therefore to help your new child adjust to their new home, it is important that they build trust and security in you.  As they move to the United States everything will be strange to them so they will need to be able to run to someone that they feel comfortable with.  This is where trust and security comes in, which can eventually be achieved with time and the photograph is a great start to a build a good foundation.

Well that ends it for our series! We hope our tips will help you on your journey with adoption as you begin your life with your new child.

You can always visit our web site at for more information on international adoption or give us a call at 866-586-5656 to reach one of our consultants.

To learn more on attachment and bonding with your child, you can always watch our online video by clicking here or reach our social worker, Deb at 866-586-5656 ext. 116.

Stay tuned, we’ll have more helpful tips on the way!


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