Posted by: eacadoption | 12/22/2010

International Adoption Checklist

Yesterday, we just finished up our three series to help you prepare for your journey with international adoption.

Here is a quick recap of all our tips so that you don’t miss any of them.  Be sure to write them all down before you leave the country to pick up your child.

1. Help Your Children at Home Adjust to Your Adoption Travel By:

  • Choosing a very familiar caregiver(s) that will come to stay in your home
  • Having temporary caregiver(s) maintain your child’s routine as closely as possible
  • Letting your child(ren) know where you are going and why
  • Giving your child(ren) an age appropriate time frame for length of stay
  • Reminding your child(ren) by stating that you’ll love and miss them
  • Telling your child(ren) that your time away from them is only temporary, you’ll be safe while away, and that you will be back
  • Skyping or calling daily to just touch base

2. Before Traveling Abroad for Your Child:

  • Check with your insurance company and find out what services are going to be covered
  • Contact your local county (in Ohio, the Job and Family Services Department) and ask about their Early Intervention Program
  • Check out which International Adoption Clinic will best suit your child’s needs
  • Find a pediatrician that specializes in international adoption
  • Contact local occupational, physical, and speech therapists and ask questions so that you can get a feel for whom you could work with, should your child need their services
  • Read some good material on attachment

3. Help Your Child Adjust Before Coming Home By:

  • Bringing pictures of yourselves, your children living at home, your pets, your home (inside and out), their bedroom, your car, etc.
  • Doing activities with them that encourages attachment while in country
  • Leaving something at the orphanage with them that will remind them of your (when you aren’t there)
  • Limiting time spent with them in country to only the orphanage and the hotel
  • Taking as many pictures as possible in country to being their life book
  • Asking to photograph the Orphanage Director handing your child to you

Good luck with your international adoption and we hope our tips will help your international adoption go smoothly!


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