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Lara and Ethan’s Adoption Story

We at EAC, honor and cherish every letter and story we receive from the families that we have helped made possible. And each time we receive each heartfelt letter, we feel obligated to share every one.  There is no greater gift then to have a family to call your own.  Meet Jimmy and Heather and this is their adoption story of Lara and Ethan.

Finally–it is with joy and excitement that I write our family story to share with those of you considering international adoption or who have completed your adoption. Jimmy and I had been married for 15 years, with the past 7 years dealing with infertility. During those years we both committed our lives to serving Jesus Christ. We thought God was not answering our prayers for a family, but now we realize that, during those 7 long infertile years, God was preparing us for the family He had chosen for us.

After trying everything medically, we started our research on adoption. In the fall of 2002, we attended 2 EAC seminars and felt that this was the agency that could make our dreams come true. We completed the EAC application and home study; on the INS paperwork we requested approval for two (in case of siblings or twins). Our plan was to adopt a baby girl and go back later for another child.

During November, Jimmy began referring to our little girl as “Princess.” One day my mom called and said that she had the name for our little girl — “Lara,” which means “Princess,” and “Isabella,” which means “God’s oath.” Because we knew in our hearts that this child had been chosen by God, we knew this would be her name.

Our dossier was competed in January, 2003. We adopted not just one 10 month old baby girl, but also a 2 year old little boy (not biological siblings). Lara’s Russian name was Elizaveta–so very similar to the middle name we had chosen. I had asked for assurance, and God had provided assurance in her name. We knew these were our children.

We traveled in April of 2003 in the midst of the war with Iraq. Our travel started with long traffic jams…2 hour wait for tickets…almost missing our flight. In Moscow we were the last getting through customs and were glad when we finally saw an EAC sign. Luckily, everything from this point on went extremely well.

In the morning a driver and facilitator picked us up, and they were the best. We arrived at the orphanage on a cold, snowy morning and met the children of our dreams. Ethan came in and walked over to me. As I was holding him, they brought in Lara and gave her to James. Lara immediately began to cry, so we switched. Ethan took to James immediately. Lara cried a lot, but she was so petite and cuddly. We learned that Ethan had been placed in the orphanage about the time I prayed for our child. Lara had been there since birth and was very attached to her caregivers; we were told that this could be good because she could also become attached to us quickly. We left Moscow knowing we would return in two weeks to get them.

It was a busy two weeks. My church family had a shower for us and our friends helped paint and decorate the children’s bedroom and bath. When we returned, court went well, although we were very nervous. We spent time touring the region with other couples before picking up the kids. We returned to an airport full of family and friends and a house filled with more family and friends. What a celebration, although we were exhausted.

Since we have been home, both Ethan and Lara are doing extremely well. Ethan was speaking Russian but immediately began speaking English. Lara soon learned to walk and was very good at letting us know what she wanted. At first Ethan bonded with Daddy and Lara with Mommy, but now they have bonded with us and love their aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. They have no health problems.

When we look at the smiles on their faces and hear them laugh we think of the first time we met them — Ethan was so serious and sad and Lara was so shy and afraid. We know in our hearts that God made these children specifically for us thousands of miles away and He brought us together in His perfect time through this wonderful agency. The staff at EAC know what they are doing and know how to get it done. God bless each of you!!!!!

Jimmy, Heather, Ethan & Lara

Please note that the names of the family members have been altered to protect their identity and privacy.


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