Posted by: eacadoption | 01/04/2011

Recovering from the Holidays

Are you just winding down from the holidays and find that your child is all wound up?

Please note that this is common for children to have tantrums, eating and/or sleeping issues.

This is a common reaction due to a change in routine and to over stimulation, especially during the holidays.

You may want to try getting back into your child’s routine and laying low for awhile.  To help your child wind down from the holidays, consider  hanging out at home with your child for the week instead of going out and about.  Toning down the activities and stimulation will help settle down your child’s tantrums and get your child back into their old eating and sleeping routines.

Also, if your child is old enough, walk and talk them through their feelings and actions.  Help them make the connection and understand why they are having these tantrums, eating and sleeping problems.

For more adoption assistance and guidance, you can always visit our Help Desk that addresses the many medical, developmental, and emotional concerns that you may have.


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