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Justin and Tanika Adoption Story

Meet Lana and her family.  Lana has always been successful in life and everything in life came pretty easily for her, except starting a family.  It was not in her cards to bear children, however that would not stop her from living her dream- to be a loving mother.  This is Lana’s journey on how she and her husband brought home two beautiful children.

I was very excited when I was asked to write about my experiences with EAC. My only concern was — with two beautiful new children — would I have time? Being 40 years old, married, and an attorney, no one could have told me the changes these two children would bring into my life.

I had always assumed that I would be a mother, but time passed and it did not happen. I really did not think twice about turning to adoption as an option. Everything in my life had happened pretty easily. I had a great husband, a great family, and a successful business. So when I did not get pregnant easily, I knew God had another plan for me.

The plan at first did not go well because I picked an adoption agency–not on merits–but because a friend of a friend had recommended it. I immediately signed up and sent them $5000. After four months I got one excuse after another…no one would return my calls…no one would help me. I decided to cut my losses and start again. (The company has since declared bankruptcy.)

The next time I used my head and not my heart and researched over 18 accredited adoption agencies. I called and asked many questions. To my surprise, a lot of companies were very negative. Either my husband was too old (he’s 54), our prior marriages were a problem, or the fact that my husband is Jewish created a concern. After two months of hearing only bad news, I finally met my guardian angels–EAC.

Our experience with EAC was great. Everyone I dealt with was wonderful and answered all of my questions. They were available at all times, were very knowledgeable, and never got mad no matter how many times I called.

Our trips to Russia were experiences I will never forget. EAC was there for us every step of the way. (I even e-mailed them from my hotel with more questions.) The interpreters in Russia knew what they were doing. They helped us from the moment we landed on our first trip until we cleared customs on the third.

Words cannot express the feeling of meeting my kids for the first time. Justin was one and just beginning to walk. Tanika was almost three and a little shy. They liked the toys and cookies we brought. We were strangers, but in just a couple of hours they were hugging and kissing us. We were shocked at how much love these kids had. The head of the orphanage was an intelligent woman whom the children truly loved. When they embraced her, you could feel that she really cared about them.

Two months after our first meeting we returned to the orphanage to pick up the children. They were ready to go. We dressed them in beautiful new clothes; they said their “Goodbyes”, and never looked back. Justin was still too young to understand, but Tanika knew THAT SHE WAS GOING HOME. She started singing as soon as she got in the van, and has not stopped.

It has been four months since they joined our family in Miami and neither has missed a beat. Both are intelligent, healthy, and very happy children. Tanika is speaking both English and Spanish and they are so well adjusted that it is unbelievable they have only been here 120 days. These children have changed our lives forever. But the reality is that they are here only because of the great people at EAC who made our dreams come true. We are truly blessed.

by Lana and Troy

Please note that the names of the family members have been altered to protect their privacy and their identity.

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