About Us

Margaret Cole, Executive Director of EAC, is both a biological and an adoptive mother.

Margaret became active in the adoption process after her daughter, Alicia, died at six weeks of age from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Robert Cole, Alicia’s uncle, was instrumental in founding the Ukraine and China Program.

It is with prayer and with love that this agency is dedicated to the memory of Uncle Robert and little Alicia Hughes. It is our hope, that out of this family’s tragedy and loss, might come many good things for families in the United States and orphaned children throughout the world.

As you explore the choices before you, let us be part of that journey. Our adoption consultants, many of whom have adopted themselves, know some of your personal concerns.  Please think of our agency as a resource… a place where you may very well begin to walk the path that will make that dream a reality.  Infants and toddlers are waiting for you.  Their lives will be forever changed through adoption by loving and caring couples.  These wonderful little children live in orphanages in Russia, China, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.  They wait too!



  1. Sad to see photos of Lindsay. Margaret never cared, just wanted to get paid

  2. Alicia didn’t die from SIDS, Margaret LIES!

  3. Margaret takes advantage of families and the faithful

  4. All the plastic surgery and liposuction cannot beautify such a grotesque soul as Margaret Cole!

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