Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  How many children are available for adoption?
A:  In each country this number varies.  There are thousands waiting for loving parents.   It is important to point out that there are children of all ages, both boys and girls available.  The ages of the children vary in each country, yet there are infants, toddlers and young children available in all countries where EAC provides adoption services.

Q:  Can we adopt more the one child?
A:  Yes.  Each country has different guidelines.  These change often enough that you should call one of our Adoption Consultants about the specifics of the program you are interested.   You may also check our countries area for current information.

Q:  Are twins and sibling groups available for adoption?
A:  Yes.  EAC has placed several beautiful sets of twins, and wonderful sibling groups from Russia, China and Kazakhstan

Q:  How long must we wait for a child?
A:  Referral time varies in each program.  The paperwork completion and dossier submission is up to you.  Your timetable sets the schedule on this part.

Once your paperwork is completed and submitted to our agency, we send it to the country you have selected.  Depending on the country, the time frame from dossier submission to the first referral varies from a few months to several months. Please check with your adoption consultant for current wait times.

We keep you informed of the changes in each country’s requirements.

Q:  What are the fees for an international adoption?
A:  Prospective parents will see that there are agency fees, CIS, and in-country fees.   The age of the child and the number of children being adopted affects fees.  Come to one of our free educational seminars where fees for each specific country are discussed. You can also call us toll free at 800-533-0098

Q:  What countries can we adopt from through your agency?
A:  Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine.

Q:  Is EAC licensed to do adoptions in Russia?
A:  EAC is accredited with the Russian Federation. EAC has received annual accreditation since 1994, when Russia began accreditation requirement for international agencies and in 2007 received an official non-expiring accreditation with the Russian Federation.

Q:  How many trips are required?
A:  Again, it depends on the country and the current regulations.  You will want to check our countries area for specifics.

Q:  When we travel, will we have interpreters and drivers who understand English?
A:  Someone who knows English is with you in each country, every step of the way.  This is part of the service provided through our agency.

Q:  We are worried about the food, hotel accommodations, and even in-country travel.  How can you help, us?
A:  EAC provides each couple or individual with several supportive services: a handbook prior to travel to tell you about packing, food, the electrical outlets in the country, the hotels and the trains and in-country air travel.  We have used our own experiences and continue to add information collected by our EAC families who are returning home weekly.  The closer you get to traveling, the more information and support and direction you will be receiving.

Q:  How long will we be in the country?
A:  It depends on the country.  You will want to check our countries area for specifics.

Q:  How do children become available for Adoption? And is it the same for every country?
A:  It is not the same for every country or every child.  Many children have been abandoned or have been formally relinquished.

Q:  Is the adoption of our child or children final or can biological parents contact us or take the child back?
A:  Adoptions are finalized in each country in court or the process of a “Giving and Receiving Ceremony”. In countries where there is a “Giving and Receiving Ceremony” ten day waiting period as court applies. Once this period expires, there is no provision to challenge the rights of the adoptive parents.

Q:  Can single parents adopt?
A:  Yes, in most of these countries where we provide services.  You will want to check our countries area for specifics or call our offices for the most up-to-date information.

Q:  What are the age requirements or restrictions for the countries?
A:  As a general guideline, if you are single, you must be at least 25 years of age (INS requirements).  For married couples, you must be 21 and older (INS requirements).   You will want to check our countries area for country requirements.

Q:  If I am recently married or divorced, can I adopt?
A:  Yes.

Q:  What specific health information on the child is available?
A:  All countries provide medical information on the child and a photograph.  Some countries provide videos.  You will want to check our countries area for specifics.

Q:  What are attachment and bonding issues, and how does it affect our child?
A:  Attachment is the emotional bond a child can develop for a care giver.  EAC provides an article by Kristen E. Buchannan, MSSA, LISW, on attachment and bonding in the medical issues section. Please feel free to call our Social Worker, Deb Levindofske with any additional questions on bonding and attachment.

For more information on international adoption please visit www.eaci.com.


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