Info Packet

International adoption is a big step and can be forever life changing.  We understand that you may have questions and concerns that you would like to address.  Our free informational packet is designed to provide the answers that you seek on international adoption.

You can request a free informational packet via mail or email.

To request a packet and learn more about international adoption, please call us at 866-586-5656.

Our consultants are standing by.

You can always visit us at our website at for more information.



  1. Hi,

    I would like to request an international information packet please. My husband and I are just starting our research into international adoption.

  2. Hi

    I would be grateful if we could please receive an international information packet.

    We have one daughter and are interested in adoption from Serbia.

    Many thanks.

    Kaddie Pavlovic

  3. Hi.
    My name is Milana Brankovic,and i’m very interesting for international adoption
    in Pancevo Serbia.I’m a divorce a long tome ago because my ex husband abuse me,and we didn’t have children,because he didn’t want that.I would like if you
    be so kind to help me to adopt 3 new bornes babies girls to, be sisters twins.
    All of them need to be healthy,good,white races and beautifull.I’m a paralyse person and I go on begining of next year for my walk again and for my control urine polution and BM<and when I finish treatment Stem cells I'll email you back.
    But I beg you eather way to help me to adopt babies 3 new bornes babies girls to be sisters twins.They all need to be healthy good,white races and beautifull.
    Thank you and I expect your help.
    Milana Brankovic.

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